H&M Retailing Analysis

Project Title
H&M Retailing Analysis
Subject Area
Retail Analysis
  • Project Description

    I was required to conduct research into H&M’s Retailing tactics and see how the company faired amongst its closest competitors. For this Project the competitors chosen were Zara & Uniqlo.

  • Strategy/ Actions Taken

    I used information attained from verified sources online to assess H&M’s evolution, competitors, Marketing strategy, target audience, global presence, technological improvements, location strategy and advertising. I also reviewed theirs, and their competitor’s financial earnings for the year 2015-2016.

  • Results & Learnings

    From the information gathered, I observed that H&M took strategies from both Uniqlo and Zara. They are committed to their brand having durability and longevity, whilst keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and technology. H&M also employs a small number of designers as well as has a fast working supply chain. These factors led to the growing sales profit of 223 billion Swedish Krona, with 4,400 stores in 65 markets and more than 161,000 employees. The review of their 2016 business performances indicated that the H&M brand was on an upward growth spiral and projections would indicate continued growth in the coming years.

  • Project Roles

    Solo project, with responsibility for full completion.

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