Male Initiative Project

Project Title
The Male Initiative Project

Subject Area
Consumer Behavior

  • Project Description

    The Bowie State Male Initiative is an organization on Bowie State University’s campus that focuses on building up the Bowie Male, guiding him through his time at college, and preparing him for Life after college. The groups’ goal in this project was through research, to suggest Marketing strategies to improve the popularity of the Male Initiative on Bowie State’s Campus.

  • Strategy/ Actions Taken

    We researched similar organizations (Male Initiatives) on other HBCU campuses, to figure out how they kept the Male Initiatives relevant on their campus. We conducted a survey asking 12 members of the Male Initiative at different involvement levels, six open ended questions.

    The questions were “What is the purpose of the Male Initiative?”, “Do you believe the Male Initiative is fulfilling its purpose?”, “Is the Male Initiative effectively publicized on campus?”, “How can the Male Initiative be effectively Publicized on campus?”, “Has the Male Initiative Met your Expectations?”, and “Do you feel the Male Initiative could improve?

    The Members were to answer the questions honestly and rate the questions on a 1-5 Linkert scale (strongly agree, agree, don’t know, disagree, strongly disagree).

  • Results & Learnings

    From the information gathered, we saw 41.6% of the people surveyed believed that the Male Initiative was fulfilling its purpose, 33.3% Disagreed that the Male initiative was effectively publicized, and 58.3% of the persons surveyed said that the program could be improved. Using this analysis, as well as some information online, and from other HBCUs, myself, and my group concluded that there was room for improvement for the Male Initiative on Bowie States campus. We suggested that through an increased frequency of events, promotions on social media platforms, word of mouth, and traditional sources of promotions (BSU Radio, and BSU TV) the Male Initiative on Bowie State University’s campus is most likely going to expand and grow in popularity in the nearest future.

  • Project Roles

    Team Members:

    Michael Onwuka | Raven Mathis | Aziza Kelly | Sherice Stona |Marquitta Davis

    Project Role:

    I participated in conducting the Survey, and constructed the Marketing Strategies used.

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